Sunday, 7 April 2013

Being ill... Properly!

I am not a sickly person the last time I physically threw up I was either 3 or 7 (I seem to remember being ill at 7 but not sure if I actually threw up and before that I was 3). So when on Thursday last week I felt sick and my bg's dropped and stayed down, taking a piece of toast (20g carbs) and 3 cartons of apple juice (60g carbs) to bring it up to just 5 mmol/l, I had no idea of the reason for it. Until the morning. When I promptly threw up. Everywhere.

Sorry about the details, they probably aren't needed but you get the picture. I also woke up with an 18mmol/l which was corrected to hovering around 10-12 all day whist I drifted in and out of sleep on the sofa. I didn't do too many corrections in fear of going low and being stuck there as this is not an illness I have dealt with before - give me colds I can deal with them as I have had 6 in total this winter, but throwing up nope not common here!

So It has taken probably a week for me to get back to normal BG's I was low everyday until wednesday and every low took over an hour to get back up and around 60g to 80g of carbs to get me there - It was exhausting. Especially because I then had highs that were unpredictable (no rebound from the low or overcorrections just random highs popping up here and there!).

So I have had a crappy easter week but all back to fairly normal now and back to work and preschool next week and a YLAG meeting on friday and Saturday!

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