Saturday, 23 March 2013

New pump | Clinic | Think like a Pancreas

A month (or more like 2 months) ago I posted that I would be getting the animas vibe pump well here is an update using the new pump!

My Animas Vibe and
cannula site on my back
My new pump is pretty much the same as the 2020 with a few changes, which are all useful such as being able to match the suggested dose on the bolus screen with the dose being given by pressing the up button.

The CGM feature is the major change but as I can't use this, the option just sits there on the menu screen taunting me! It would be so good to see where my bg's are trending but alas not on the NHS for now!

I have a clinic appointment coming up which I am now not looking forward to for a few reasons. The first reason it's that my bg's have not been that fantastic over he past couple of weeks so I can't go in beaming with lovely results to show my Dr and nurse. They are getting back on track (the main reason for them being high was calculating my lunch totally wrong as being half the carb count it actually was for a couple of weeks) which is good my my mum said time earlier that 'we need to get them sorted' this kind of annoyed/upset me as she has very little to do with he day to day control of my diabetes now as I do all my carb counting and pump running as my parents can't really do these things. I know it was supposed to be supportive but all the mistakes are my fault and I need to deal with them myself I think. I also need to go to clinic as this is the last one before I am 19 and need to transfer over to adult clinic so I have to go and see what they say about that as I have had little to no conversations about my transition!

Lastly I have started reading 'Think Like a Pancreas' by Gary Scheiner which I can hopefully use the tips in it to help manage this stupid chronic disease that is diabetes and I will update you on this in the near future (if I remember to!)

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