Monday, 4 February 2013

New pump already? | YLAG

So you know how just 7 months ago I got my pump and how amazing it made my life?
Well tomorrow I get my second one, this time an Animas Vibe (remember the one I thought I might get?), this is because my 2020 had been recalled by animas due to a couple of faults including one telling me that after august 2015 my pump will no longer give me insulin! I'm not too sure what to think of that one to be honest!

I'm excited to be getting a new pump and setting everything up again so i will let you all know any differences I notice (although I don't think there will be any)

A few weeks ago I applied to a diabetes UK project called the Young Leaders Action Group of young people aged 16-30 who are going to work to improve services for people in this age group. Today I heard back that I have been invited to join and our first meeting at the end of March. This is a great opportunity and I am very much looking forward to it!

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