Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Story - Part 1 diagnosis


I was diagnosed at age 6 in 2000 around a week before Easter! (of all holidays the one FILLED with chocolate!). I don't remember a lot (because I was just a kid!) but what I do remember before diagnosis is drink TONES of the orange juice drink 'Sunny D' because I was so thirsty ALL the time! That's about all I remember about my symptoms of type one diabetes but my Mum did tell me that I was really skinny and you could see my ribs down the other end of the corridor in our house because of the weight I lost so fast.
My mum took me to the doctors on a Tuesday, they took a urine sample and called us back in the morning. We went in on the Wednesday and were told to I had diabetes, we then rushed off to Bristol children's Hospital in my mums car not really sure what was happening. I remember being sat in the car in the car park next to the Doctors office and asking my mum where we were going and if I was going back to school after that.

At the hospital i had a cannula put in my hand in case they needed to take any blood (I don't think I had any saline as my diagnosis was caught early so wasn't too dehydrated). It didn't worry me at all being in hospital, I was in for three days and went to radio lollipop (the radio station for the kids to go to) everyday and remember making badges with the other kids.
I also remember one nurse who told me to tuck my cat shaped pillow pet's tail underneath it so it didn't annoy me when I tried to sleep and rolled onto the uncomfortable stick. My final memory of my diagnosis that sticks in my mind is sitting a room with my Mum and Dad who were learning to inject me on a orange as all parents of type ones do. 
I stayed in hospital for three days and received a lovely handmade card from my school classmates which was pink with a picture of a vase of flowers on. :)

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