Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Low sugar blog post!

This is what typing a blog post when low looks like (don't worry I have treated it - after realising we had like the least amount of food in the house ever!).

OK so seeing as I am low let me tell you my (not everyone else's) symptoms of having hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). So the most common thing I get is feeling 'shaky' this actually became what I called a low sugar and still is, 'I feel shaky' is what I say :) another symptom is overall confusion, like what? I don't understand anything, this makes me annoyed and I often get upset and throw things (yeah I turn into a child :/). My heart beats fast and I get slightly sweaty. Symptoms that don't occur often are a massively tingly and numb mouth and tongue, and also being super hyperactive and running around before I feel any of those mentioned above this is the point where my parents say 'Danielle, do you need to do a test?' I normally answer with no, then they make me and yup I'm low!

I think that's all my symptoms but if I remember more then I will add below :)

Update: So I have looked back at this the next day, now I don't feel low and realised I missed off a huge thing that happens which is a lack of focus on anything, my vision gets blurred, its hard to explain but I can look at something and it can take me like a few seconds to focus on it. This is horribly frustrating and also happens with a high but more on that later :)

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