Monday, 17 December 2012

Respect for my parents

I have so much respect for my parents in being able to raise me, raising a child is hard enough but when that child has diabetes there is ten times the amount of stuff to worry about.

I currently child mind a four year old with diabetes, and that has made me realise the effort of looking after her and the worry that comes with that. Looking after myself diabetes wise is all natural to me that I barely even have to think about it, but looking after another person is different. It means all the tests you do and the decisions you make have to be done for them and its not just you that will live with the result of those decisions.

Seeing her mother worry about her and how much effort she takes makes me think about my parents and what they had to go through (and still do to a lesser extent!). Looking after and raising perfectly healthy child is tough enough, when that child has additional needs and the measures you take to ensure they stay healthy, from injecting them on a daily basis to almost forcing them to eat when they don't want to but still need to.

What I wanted to say is I respect my parents and love them loads for all they did and still do for me!

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