Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fantastic Mr. Pump!

So I am now on my pump... and it is AMAZING! Seriously, it is the best change I have made in a long time!
Cartridges which are now filling
my diabetes draw!

My blood sugars are sooo much better, I'm now seeing numbers around 6.0 mmol/l and 7.0 mmol/l instead of the 13.0, 15.0, and often even 18.0 mmol/l I was used to seeing before when I was on MDI's. Its so much easier to control and correct those unwanted highs, before when it would be say 11.0 mmol/l and climbing there would be no way that I could correct that because the more I injected the worse my sites got. I had (still have I guess) lipos on the tops of my thighs and my stomach, my endo thought this may be due to me reacting to zinc in the types of insulin I was using (humalog and lantus) so I have now changed to Apidra which also seems better as it works faster lasting just 3 hours as opposed tot he 5 hours that humalog lasts! It is also way easier to prevent lows when doing activities by using temporary basals, this also means I can eat when I want to rather than having to before activity!

Inset II which also litter my
diabetes draw except in blue!
There are loads of feature on the pump which are all pretty useful! The features that I find most useful and use most of all are:

  • The ability to reduce and change basal easily for a limited amount of time such as a hour.
  • The working out of bolus amounts - meaning less maths! (this is very useful when I'm half awake in the morning!)
  • The reminders you can set for after you bolus to check your BG - this is useful to see how I:C ratios are working!

So the pump (which I have named Dory life the forgetful fish in 'Finding Nemo') is Brilliant and if you are unsure of what it can do and have the ability to give it a go do so, even if it is for a few months at least, I understand that usually it takes longer for the settings to be right for most people and I am doing very well in comparison but I would still say give it a go take the leap, if you don't like it then you can always give it back!

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